A Personal Campus Cooks Experience

I had the pleasure of experiencing Chef Jeremy’s fine cooking as a Sigma Kappa at Northern Illinois University thanks to the addition of Campus Cooks to our chapter. Chef Jeremy would serve us the tastiest, healthiest of dishes, making every member in my chapter happy with the variety of cuisines he created. I could tell he was a skilled and knowledgeable chef when he knew how to whip us up low fat, low calorie whipped cream for dessert! I really appreciated this as a young woman who cared about the quality of food I was eating in the sorority in which I lived. I also appreciated that there was a company out there who valued providing delicious and nutritional food for members of the Greek community.


This is not the case for every chapter. It is very common for chapters to have to endure food lacking in nutritional value, from a local restaurant that doesn't understand the needs or specific wants of a sorority or fraternity. My chapter was in fact unhappy with our meal plan at one point. Our meals were prepared by the same cook for over 10 years and the lack of variety and freshness of the food made us tired, sick, still hungry and spending our money elsewhere. It was not until recently that our Corporation Housing Board decided our chapter needed a serious update to our meal plan to fulfill our needs for nutritional, fresh meals by an experienced, professional chef. Behold, Campus Cooks was discovered and the way we lived in Sigma Kappa was about to change forever. All of our needs were fulfilled immediately upon Chef Jeremy entering our kitchen and I cannot believe we lived any other way for so long.

Formal dinners at the Sigma Kappa palace were now a true joy; a real treat that could not be missed. The meals were now up to par with my chapter’s formal dinner presentation. We were able to laugh, converse and enjoy each other’s company without complaining, “What is that?” or “We had this the other day.” Even the bus boys enjoyed the meals and they liked coming to eat and work in our house. Word was being heard on Greek Row about our extravagant dining experience with Chef Jeremy. Talking about our new chef during recruitment was now a real force to be reckon with. I was proud to speak the truth about living in the house with an amazing, talented chef that truly enhanced my experience of living in house and being a Sigma Kappa. The chapter continues to be grateful for the steps our Corporate Housing Board and loving House Director, Sheila took to make sure we were living like healthy women.

I am so proud to be Greek and having the pleasure of experiencing Campus Cooks. The joys I experienced of being Greek encouraged me to pursue a career in Marketing and have led me here, as the new Marketing Assistant, writing this blog. Please continue to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and this blog for a look at how Campus Cooks enhances the experience for fellow Greeks all over the country.

In my personal life I love exploring Chicago, trying new restaurants (brunch is my favorite meal) and shopping. I love college football and continue to rally behind my Huskies as a proud Alumna from Northern Illinois University.

Until next time,

Christine Domino
Marketing Assistant