Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

Do you struggle to drink enough water every day? It is encouraged for people to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily and more often than not, people fall short of this goal each day. Many people struggle to drink water because of the lack of flavor it has. Well I’m here to help you incorporate new ways to drink water into your every day routine that also provides benefits to your body!

My answer to you…. infuse your water with fruit! Not only will fruit infused water give your water some flavor, it will also benefit your body is ways you never knew. Fruit infused water is a great alternative to unhealthy, sugary drinks. The body has a hard time staying hydrated when it doesn’t get enough water.

Below are benefits of different types of fruit infused water:

1. Lemons: Helps reduce dry skin & aids in digestion
2. Lemons & Strawberries: Both of these fruits are high in Vitamin C, therefore this combination will aid in boosting your metabolism
3. Oranges: Contains over 10 vitamins and minerals. Drink this combination around cold & flu season to help protect your Immune System
4. Blackberries: High in calcium which can help strengthen your bones
5. Cucumbers: Aids in lowering your blood pressure