Campus Cooks Wellness: Financial Wellness

At Campus Cooks, we believe a professionally managed kitchen not only enhances, but improves the Greek experience. Each month throughout the 2018-2019 school year, Campus Cooks will feature one element of wellness each month, from The Campus Cooks Wellness Wheel.

This Month’s Wellness Feature is: Financial Wellness

What is Financial Wellness?
The awareness that everyone's financial values, needs, and circumstances are unique.

Are you financially well?
• Do I identify and address any financial problems before they start?
• Do I take advantage of student discounts?
• Do I plan ahead and set budget goals?

What is Campus Cooks doing?
A chapter in the southwest managing its own kitchen service found that they did not feel confident in their management oversight and allocation of funds. The chapter met with us and requested an evaluation of the program to identify where overspending or inefficiencies may be occurring. The chapter ended up saving 15% against their planned budget and receiving healthier, higher quality meals.

How are you affecting the wellness within your chapter? Let us know and win!
Submit your example to or via social media using #CampusCooksWellness, and this month, you could win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!