"Many Thanks" During National Volunteer Week

From Chapter Advisors to House Corporation Members we know how essential alumni volunteers are. We want to thank each of you that give your time, talents and enormous energy into making your organizations great! We are fortunate to work with amazing volunteers every day who are committed to their chapters and make our jobs so wonderful by being such great partners. And we know it is not just the alumni in an organization who are making things great – we want to thank every member who has gone above and beyond committing their time to officer positions, chairmanships, planning events and engaging in their community.

Our President, founder of Campus Cooks, knows this first hand. Not only does he maintain a business, he is active in his fraternity as the Alumni Board President. We stand by our ALPHA Statement and Above all else are dedicated to enhancing the Greek Experience.

Our Regional Business Development Manager, Claire Trost serves as a Chapter Advisor.

Our Client Ambassador, Mary Kate Lobough has served as a Chapter Advisor, House Corporation President and currently serves as a Panhellenic Specialist for her national organization.

Thus, we know the commitment that advisors, as well as others play in the role of maintaining a successful Greek chapter. Every year it may feel like we are starting over—not only are there new members coming through, there are new employees, national programs, university policies, and such to address and adhere to. Volunteers are always learning and moving organizations forward, while helping retain the strong history and tradition that fraternity and sorority life is built upon.

We at Campus Cooks know the significance you play in the day to day roles of maintaining a chapter. We know how this feeds into the long-term mission and success of the chapter and entire organization. If at any point you feel unappreciated, tired, or overwhelmed, stop and think about why you do it or what made you start volunteering. There is a good chance when you were an undergraduate member another leader did the same thing as you and look at where you are now because of them.

We encourage each of you to thank the volunteers in your life that contribute to your experience.

Check out ideas here from the National Panhellenic Council on ways your chapter can show appreciation for the volunteers in your chapter.

We love this one: “If your campus has chapter facilities with kitchens, sponsor a dinner for your chapter advisors and Panhellenic administrative staff.”

Thank you from everyone at Campus Cooks. We appreciate everything you do for your fraternity or sorority!