More Than A Rabbit

Remember as a child you would see a magician and they would always have that top hat.  You knew at some point the magician would probably pull a rabbit or some endless rope of handkerchiefs all in varying color patterns.  You would be amazed and wonder how they did that.

Well, magic has come a long ways since (and I probably should stop calling it magic, as illusions and illusionists are more fitting).

In February, the Chefs of Campus Cooks and the Mom’s Club of University of Tennessee Alpha Omicron Pi, put on a show performed by Reed and Masterson-Impossible Magic.  From a variety of food and desserts donated by Campus Cooks and created/presented/hosted by Chef Merri, the evening went off wonderfully.  College is stressful; there is no doubt about that.  These are the types of events that not only allow one to decompress but also make the Greek Experience much better and creating unforgettable moments in your sorority.


After the event, many of the women took to our Facebook page to talk about how the event wentSo much fun!! So grateful that they took they took the time to make this night happen for us!” said Mackenzie L.  And Lindsay H. said, “Literally couldn't have asked for a greater night! They went above and beyond and it was magical!”


We know events like these, even with food and labor donated by us, can still be a bit of a challenge.  From grill-outs, to big philanthropic events, we always want to help as much as possible.  Never hesitate to let your supervisor know of an idea you may have.  We will figure out a way to make it happen because we want everyone saying “WE HAVE THE GREATEST CHEFS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!