National Eat What You Want Day!

Tomorrow is National Eat What You Want Day!

On Eat What You Want Day, no one can tell you what NOT to eat.

Limiting yourself from your favorite foods can be a pain. So, on May 11, we celebrate National Eat What You Want Day! On this day, everyone is encouraged to treat themselves to great food! Whether this means mixing up meals or splurging on a fancy dinner, this is the time to break all boundaries and enjoy the freedom to eat any food you desire.


National Eat What You Want Day Activities

1. Mix it up and have breakfast for dinner

One thing that people always seem to seek permission for is having breakfast for dinner. Change up your normal routine and swap out that usual dinner for pancakes in bed! These switches are refreshing to a typical schedule.

2. Break the routine and go out for food

If you normally pack a lunch for school/work, leave the brown paper bag at home. Instead, invite your colleagues out for lunch and try a new restaurant in the area. You will find that your mental wellness will be improved from spending time with your peers. This is the time to finally try that new restaurant that opened down the street and see what the hype is all about!

3. Try something you’ve always wanted to try

Today you're allowed to taste those specials that you may have been holding off on. Branch out and try a food completely different from your norm. Love it or hate it, you can definitely scratch that one off your bucket list.