National Greek Yogurt Day

November 9th, what better day than today to celebrate National Greek Yogurt Day? Once upon a time, Greek yogurt was disliked by most. Recently, Greek yogurt has been on the uphill climb in popularity. Greek yogurt is a healthy protein packed food that has many benefits. The high protein content helps aid in staying full longer. Greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics that aid in digestive system to keep things flowing smoothly. Vitamins B12 and Calcium, which each have their own significant benefit, are also found in Greek yogurt.


Some people have a hard time eating Greek yogurt because of the texture that is has. The best way to move past this, is to change the form of the way you’re eating it! Add it to a recipe that you’d never be able to tell the difference but still gain all the benefits from the food.


My favorite way to mask the texture and still reap the benefits is using Greek yogurt to make pancakes! One day I was looking for a healthier alternative to pancakes, while I was on Pinterest I came across a recipe that used Greek yogurt and thought “why not try it?” Let me just tell you that these pancakes are life changing. I won’t ever shy away from using this recipe. The best way to describe these pancakes are “soft and lightly sweet,” you’ll have to try them to understand what I mean.


What kind of person would I be if I didn’t share these pancakes with you on National Greek Yogurt Day?  The link below is the recipe to life changing pancakes that include Greek yogurt.