Spring Fever

Spring is on its way. I can tell this because my commute to-and-from the office is much sunnier than usual. This means daydreaming of my favorite warm weather activities such as walking, rollerblading and dining alfresco have begun - and I'm not the only one. My colleagues have already started telling me about their plans in the coming months; weekends at the lake house, marathons and days at the beach. It's clear that Campus Cooks has Spring Fever.

As we anticipate spring, there's no doubt that you're probably anticipating a certain trip that's usually taken in March. I recall my college days (which was a year ago) that now is the time I usually kicked up my work outs and watched my pizza intake - all for a little thing we know and love so dearly as...*Spring Break*.

Like you, we around the Campus Cooks office have made some tweaks to our diets and daily routines. We do this to shed the winter layers and gear up for those warmer days that we just can't wait for! We hope these tips prove useful and motivating to your own goals as we spring forward.

1. Exercise.
The yoga ball is standard office equipment. Here at Campus Cooks, we have taken things to the next level: our entire office has transitioned to the standing desk setup (we use Varidesk). Standing while working really kick starts our mornings and keeps our bodies working throughout the day. Dan says he lost 10 lbs by standing at work so I had to give this new way to work a try. Sure enough, the whole office is now on board.

We also have a set of hand weights that we like to use in casual conversation or while standing. (pictured above)
Another really unique way have kicked things up is with a portable treadmill. That's right! The treadmill goes right under our convenient standing desks and we can literally walk while we answer emails, talk on phone, etc. It's wonderful. And it's great for days when one of us can't make it to the gym. Pictured below you will see Chris walking and working.

Get more insight on how we stay active and motivated at work here.


2. Food.
We love food. We love it a lot, hence the nature of Campus Cooks. However, we do care what we put into our bodies. We talk a lot about eating healthy so it's only fitting that we share our lifestyle with you.

Dan's been eating more citrus because it helps control his appetite. He's been eating more fruit and also added avocados and spinach to his regimen because it helps him feel satisfied. Although, I have noticed him consuming large amounts of avocado lately and I might have to talk to him about a little thing called, *moderation*.

Irina tells me she eats healthy all year round. I'll taker her word for it. I envy her willpower!

I've been enjoying lentil soup lately. It's filling and actually really great despite how bland it sounds. I also just discovered sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel). I believe that eating this instead of plain old wheat bread will help with my bread addiction. Of course, more fruit and veggies is key. I've been enjoying a lot of kale smoothies too - for breakfast and post work outs.

My colleague, Claire has also been obsessing over lentils lately. Check out the delicious recipe on her blog. I assure you, it's easy to make and you too, will love it like we do.


So spring breakers, tell me! Can you agree with these healthy kicks we've added to our office culture and to our daily lives?
What foods do you swear by for getting healthy? Make sure to give your chef a heads up if there's something you really want to see on your chapter's menu.


Curing 'spring fever' one lentil soup at a time,