National Eat What You Want Day!

Tomorrow is National Eat What You Want Day!

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It's Wing Season!

With the sports season heating up as baseball season is right around the corner, the NBA and NHL are headed...

Chicken Wings
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Gluten-Free Cooking

You probably know someone with Celiac disease, possibly even someone in your sorority or fraternity, that are...

Gluten Free Cooking
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Food For Thought

We all know winter can wreak havoc on our diets.  It is one of the ultimate excuses for eating poorly and...

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Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

Do you struggle to drink enough water every day? It is encouraged for people to drink at least eight 8-ounce...

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Holiday Travel Tips

The end of the semester is here, finals are over, and for many students the long road home begins. Whether by...

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Giving Back This Holiday Season

It’s finally the time of year to spread Holiday cheer!  

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Top Foods for a Night of Studying

The goal of every college student is to get the degree, but so many students struggle to study. Do you ever...

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National Greek Yogurt Day

November 9th, what better day than today to celebrate National Greek Yogurt Day? Once upon a time, Greek yogurt...

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What is in Season? Turkey!

Turkey – Meleagris – Meleagris is the genus, which consist of two birds: Domestic or gallopavo and the Yucatan...

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