Why Go Greek?

Why should you consider joining a fraternity or sorority? THESE are the Top 10 reasons to consider going Greek!

Greek Life Blog

1. There Are Endless Service Opportunities

Greek Life is revolved around philanthropy. Each fraternity and sorority has an assigned philanthropic organization that the chapter fundraises for. This organization means something to the chapter, and the chapter will host events throughout the year to encourage the entire campus to give back to a cause larger than themselves. These causes span across many areas such as eating disorders, homelessness, cancer, and domestic violence. Additionally, Greek men and women are encouraged to volunteer in events outside of the chapter. It is very common for members to get together to volunteer weekly at senior living homes, food pantries, and community dinners. By participating in Greek Life, men and women across the nation are learning about the direct impact they can have on others' lives. 

2. You Establish Lifelong Friends

It may sound corny, but this is seriously where you can find your future bridesmaids and groomsmen. Everyone that you will meet in Greek Life has similar values to you. They all want to give back to the community and become part of a strong brotherhood/sisterhood. Not only do you live with these members, but you also have the ability to meet other men and women in chapters outside of your own. In Greek Life, you are provided with an entire network of people who will lift you up on both your good days and your not-so-good days. The friendships that you make in the few short years of college will follow you for the rest of your life. 

3. New Opportunities for Leadership 

Greek Life gives you several opportunities to take on leadership roles within the chapter. These positions mold strong management and interpersonal skills. Each chapter has executive boards, committees, and crews that most members take advantage of. From becoming President, to leading bonding events, to organizing fundraisers, to coordinating your chapter's Go Green initiative, the possibilities are endless. Becoming a leader builds up the skills you need to succeed in your future career.

4. The FOOD Prepared by Top-Of-The-Line Chefs

We consider food to be an essential aspect of Greek Life. When the meals are drool-worthy, it brings members together to enjoy. This is a vital time to bond with your brothers and sisters over spectacular food. Say goodbye to unhealthy and predictable food court meals and hello to Campus Cooks’ customized meal experience. Who wouldn't want a personalized private Chef to prepare your food during the school week? A great food program provides a fraternity or sorority with the energy needed to tackle busy days of classes and studying, and is a major perk to the Greek Life experience. 

5. Increased Community Awareness

It's no secret that Greek members take pride in helping others. By going Greek, chapter members are directly exposed to community issues, and are given the resources to make a difference. Greek members recognize the role that they have in the community and spread knowledge to others on how they can give back. 

6. It Gets You Involved

Greek Life is the perfect way to get involved on your campus. It provides you with activities to participate in, opportunities to do community service, and events to broaden your friendships. Not only is a fraternity or sorority an activity in itself, members also find out about new involvements from each other. Greek members are typically very active students who love to get involved in different clubs and sports. You can find out about new clubs you never knew about by simply talking to other chapter members about their involvements. 

7. It's a Home Away from Home

Feeling homesick? Becoming involved in Greek Life has a cozy, home feeling to it. Friends become more like family when you move in with them and can walk over to their room at any given time. Being supportive and encouraging of one another is a base value that Greek members uphold every day. With most chapters occupying physical homes to house their members, it makes sense why members call their Greek house their home. 

8. A Higher GPA is Encouraged

Greek organizations were founded on the principle of scholarship. Chapters help their members achieve academic success through providing study sessions, study skills workshops, test taking strategies, and time management assistance. The chapter's Scholarship Directors are appointed to meet with any members whose grades may be slipping and develop plans to improve in the future, thus keeping members accountable. 

9. It Creates Connections

Being part of such a widely known national organization makes it easier for you to build professional connections with people both on and off campus. Greek Life is a strong resume builder for service and leadership. Additionally, the organization attracts many members from across the nation. You can seek out these similarities when networking with professionals for your future job or internship.

10. A Rewarding College Experience

Joining Greek Life is like signing up for a giant support system. There will always be someone around to cheer you on to achieve your goals, allowing you to shine and grow. The Greek experience is all about being a part of a system where all members share the same principles and values. From finding your home away from home, to meeting new people, to stepping out of your comfort zone, going Greek is a decision you won't regret.